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Partners for Educational Leadership (PEL)

Schools in the 21st Century need leaders with the vision and proficiencies to lead school communities through dynamic times. The PEL program will prepare such leaders through a collaborative effort involving school districts, universities, the business community, and the Education Service Center, Region 2. This experiential based program will provide training to meet the specific needs of each participant. Upon completion of all program requirements, participants are eligible for the Standard Texas Principal certificate. Each state has different requirements for certification. You will need to check to see if there is a reciprocity agreement between Texas and any other state you may want to work as a principal.

Program Implementation

Using an experiential model, PEL participants will complete a combination of training sessions and project-based activities over a 1.5 year period. Intensive pre-assignment sessions will begin in the summer, focusing on professional assessment with a built in professional development plan, legal aspects of school leadership, instructional leadership, special education law and policies, communication strategies and other skills necessary for new school leaders. Each participant is encouraged to secure a leadership position in an educational entity. Once school starts, school based mentors will assist with experiential learning and a program facilitator will be provided by the Education Service Center. The ESC facilitator will make at least two visits to your campus per year. A combination of Saturday sessions and evening classes will afford continuing leadership development. Emphasis will be placed on instructional issues, legal issues and the communication skills needed to lead a diverse school community. The overall program will include simulations, case studies, reflective seminars and other guided activities.

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