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Am I guaranteed a job if I complete my training? Education careers are subject to the same supply and demand forces as any other workforce. Many of our graduates gain employment as assistant principals, principals, directors and in other administrative positions.

How can I check and compare the performance over time for the ESC2 Program: The following link contains several measures of performance for our program as well as other programs in our area:
Consumer Information About Educator Preparation Programs

What about Criminal Background Checks: All candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to employment as an educator or clinical teaching. TEA will perform a preliminary check for a fee if you are concerned that something on your record will prevent you from being certified: Here is a link to more information:
Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation - FAQs

Where can I find more information about Principal Certification and Testing: PEARSON – TeXes Testing You can find test preparation and registration information at:

Texas Education Agency (TEA) – Educator Certification Page Information on certification rules, official records of teaching certificates, fingerprinting, and a great deal of other information regarding teacher certification in Texas.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) – Consumer Information Page

Consumer Information on our program and other programs in Texas

What is the complaint or grievance process if I am dissatisfied? The ESC2 Alternative Certification Program Complaint process can be accessed at:

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